Has the pandemic caused your hoarding habits into overdrive? According to a article, you are not the only one who has been compiling piles of random items “just in case”. spoke with home organization experts and came up with eight tips to declutter your home. The first tip is to go through your wardrobe. If you are working from home, you might notice your closet overflowing with clothes that you may never wear again, even if you go back to work. Sort through your clothes, and either sell or donate the unwanted clothing. The next step is to go through your pantry. With the grocery stores mostly back to full stock, it is time to get rid of the expired canned goods you have been storing. If you have extra cans or boxes that you most likely won’t eat, donate them to a local food bank! If you ordered takeout due to restaurants closing, you most likely have plastic utensils, condiment packets, and plastic bags hidden in your kitchen drawers. The third tip is to free up your cabinet space by recycling any takeout extras you don’t need. If you bought books that you never read when the stay-at-home orders started, it is time to sort through them. Free up some space by going through your book collection and donating a box to your local library. 


The fifth tip is to get rid of those items bought for unfulfilled hobbies. Many Americans had new hobbies they wanted to take up during lockdown, but never got around to doing them. If you haven’t touched these items since you bought them, it might be time to donate or sell them. Go through all of your art and office supplies. Trash the things that don’t work and free up some office space. The seventh tip is to reassess the cosmetics you actually need. If you have been wearing less makeup due to being home more often, there are probably some cosmetics you can recycle. Finally, if you have extra packaging from all the online shopping lying around your garage, it is time to throw them in the recycling bin. You don’t want mice, bugs, and even raccoons to be living in them. Hopefully these tips will help you declutter your home!   

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