We have all gotten used to the phrase “Millennials”, well lets all get ready for “Generation Z”.  Here is an article from The MReport that discusses this new generation.   Let’s look at how this group of unique potential homebuyers will impact the way they look for their dream home.

Generation Z:  The Next Up-in-Coming Buyers

As the first wave of Generation Z—those born between 1995 and 2010—comes of age and enters adulthood, the housing market is taking a closer look at this unique group of potential homebuyers.

Like its elders, Generation Z also considers a home a key component of the American Dream. According to Zillow’s 2017 Consumer Housing Trends report, 57 percent of Generation Z say they considered buying a home when they looked for their last rental.

In light of this, MReport talks with Tri Nguyen, Founder & CEO of Network Capital Funding, a direct mortgage lender.   How does the industry needs to start paying attention to this upcoming buyer population?

M // Despite this generation having technology at their fingertips since Day 1, what can you discuss regarding Gen Z and the future of people-based marketing?

Nguyen // With all the choices today, more and more consumers rely on online reputation, social media and personal referrals. We’re making the home-buying process less intimidating and more transparent. Not everyone is in a position to purchase their dream home today so we review their situation and educate them on how to achieve their desired goals.

M // How much do you believe Gen Z will impact the future of homeownership? What is the biggest factor our readership should be aware of with Gen Z entering the housing market?

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