Introducing a New Question on Georgia Ballots: Should the counties south of Macon join together to form the 51st state of South Georgia?

Over 27% of GOP Voted YES. Considering the population decrease of Pierce County and the frustration and struggle of South Georgia’s economy, the realization is beginning to hit that South Georgia has been put on the back-burner for quite some time. Officials are trying to get the question on every single ballot and aim to help the rural counties to rise in the meantime.

The Capital would be Savannah and the counties would be redrawn smaller and carry more weight. Although we are already seeing a division for Georgia, most lawmakers are quick to say this plan will be unsuccessful, followed by, “But it might, you never know.”

How this idea would affect housing and real estate in both regions of the state has not been forecast.

What would you vote and why?

The Carroll County Board of Education Approves New Fuel Bid of $2.46 a gallon

This leaves the projected revenue of $126 million the same as well as the projected expenditures of $127.2 million become $127.425 million, fund equity adjustment moves from $1.2 million to $1.425 million and the ending fund balance is projected to shift from $18.9 million to $18.7 million.

Also reported in Carroll County, The National Institute for STEM Education #NISE has individually recognized the following educators as certified STEM: Haleigh Duncan, Maria Scurr, Rachel Robinson, Casey Loveless, and Dr. Manda Campbell.

Way to go, Carroll County!

Gwinnett County Sinkholes

There are visible sinkholes located on Venture Drive on a private property due to improper pipe drainage. They are being assessed and will reopen to the public as soon as possible.

Thank you to the Department of Water Resources, the Georgia Department of Transportation and police officers who are taking the time to help recover this area.

Efforts to Improve Mobility are Being Made on Ga-400 with a 16-Mile Bus-Transit System.

$100 million in bonds that came from the governor’s 2019 budget is the motivation behind Fulton County and MARTA directly partnering on a mass transit system.

The link between Atlanta’s suburbs and the city’s urban core is soon to have far less congestion and far more accessibility for business development. On top of this project, lawmakers have passed House Bill 930 allowing 13 metro Atlanta Counties to acquire new sales taxes for transit construction

Gov Deal says, “This is a huge step…It shows that we can change, we can be flexible and move forward with reality.”