The Prep Process in North Georgia to Welcome Thousands of Evacuees Fleeing Hurricane Florence Begun Almost Immediately.

Hurricane Florence was a Category 4 hurricane that hit the Carolinas earlier this month. Georgia was ready to accept evacuees as soon as it was predicted. We’ve all got to stick together and Georgia knows that better than anywhere.

Rushes of people were seen escaping the hurricane’s harm and into Georgian Hotels, motels, RV sites, and campgrounds. The wind reached up to 130 mph and Georgia has helped accommodate those in need of shelter.

Catoosa County, Georgia Updates.

As Georgia counties’ numbers are always fluctuating, we aim to keep the public updated on any changes that may affect housing motives and decisions.

Here is the most up-to-date information on Catoosa County:

  • Bordering Walker and Whitfield, Catoosa is considered the 8th smallest county in Georgia, occupying about 162 square miles.
  • Catoosa’s total population is approximately 66,000, with an average of 401 people per square mile.
  • The current average age of residents is 39.7 years and is expected to reach an average age of 40.4 years by 2021.
  • Catoosa County Public School System educates 10,400 students in 18 schools.

The Georgia Water Coalition named River View Farms one of the “Clean 13” in their annual report.

River View Farms is located on White Graves Road in Ranger and aims to maintain trees and plants along Coosawattee River. Using no pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, the farm, Swancy, operates on about 300 acres and serves as a natural buffer between the water and the farm’s crops and livestock.

Congratulations to the Swancy Family for their nomination and keeping our community green! We love to see communities rising to help protect our environment. Let’s keep it up, Georgia!

Low Unemployment Rate Continue to Display Statewide Growth!

In just the past month, Georgia’s economy has added 12,000 jobs and the state unemployment rate made it below the national average with a percentage rate of 3.8. With the national average being 4.7, Georgia’s economic efforts have finally made a significant unemployment drop with nearly 5 million working employees being accounted for. AJC notes this holiday season is the perfect opportunity for workers to find jobs as we have been “employing new workers as fast as we have been adding them.” In demand this season: accountants, logisticians, warehouses, and distribution centers.

For the 2018 Fall Jobs in Demand, view this list:

What Georgia’s GPD Means for Housing Stocks

As the U.S. economy grows in strength, companies are getting back on track and hiring. The GPD for last quarter has almost doubled since Q1, which has been recognized as the final stage of recovery from last decade’s financial crisis. This marks a good time to purchase homes as well as obtain the necessary financing to actually move into them.

Good news for the State of Georgia!

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