We all have seen the We Buy Ugly Houses signs on street corners.  As a Real Estate Professional I can say that I hope you ignore them.  This isn’t because I am a Realtor, but because anyone who would consider this outlet needs protection.  You are not going to get that from someone trying to buy your home for a rock bottom price.  All they care about is getting sellers to sign on the dotted line.  That is one reason they look for potential sellers in distressed situations or listings not on the open market.  A Real Estate Professional doesn’t just sell houses.  We are here to protect the Buyers and Sellers of the world.

With the current inventory shortage in the North Georgia area many of these buyers/investors are placing offers on anything they can find.  Site unseen.  One of the rules of our brokerage is that if they can not prove they have seen the house, we notify the seller of this with any offer.  This is what is so great about the electronic lockboxes!  They record every agent/brokerage that opens the lockbox for the key.  We always have a report available on a moments notice itemizing this information for the sellers.  I ran across this blog article form Chicago Now and thought I would share.

How To Sell Your Home Fast

Simple. Sell your home to a real estate vulture and get screwed. You can always sell your home fast enough if you are willing to let it go really cheaply. But why would you when you have much better alternatives?

Sell Your Home Fast And Cheap To Flippers/Real Estate Vultures

You’ve seen the signs for We Buy Ugly Houses. Their promise is that they will buy any house for cash and close quickly. Apparently they’ve purchased 85,000 houses since 1996. Honestly, I don’t have any personal experience with their offers but c’mon…how do you think they do that? They have to be lowballing their purchases.

To Read The Entire Article by Gary Lucido in Chicago Click Here

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