Why do we have a Housing Shortage?  Housing shortages are caused not only for the obvious reasons,(there hasn’t been enough construction).   They are also a byproduct of our times.  Market values are at an all -time high.  That is great if you are selling a home.  The kicker is you also have to buy a home and will also have to pay those all-time high values.  I ran across a great article in The MReport that addresses this as well as home prices &  mortgage rates.

Home Prices, Mortgage Rates, and Millennials

A survey conducted by ValueInsured suggests that millennials who have entered the housing market are living in their entry-level homes longer than they would prefer. According to the survey, 85 percent of all millennial homeowners with entry-level homes would sell and upgrade if they could.  78 percent of the same group say they are unwilling to do so with the current market valued at an all-time high.  This lack of resale homes is adding to the housing shortage.

This not only has made it harder for millennials to build wealth the old-fashioned way—buying a starter home with a mortgage, selling it, paying the bank back, then repeating the process however many times—but it has also had an adverse effect on the availability of affordable entry-level homes for the next generation of first-time homeowners. This situation is perceived as one of the major conditions underlying the problems with affordability in the housing market today.

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The bottom line

The housing shortage isn’t going away anytime soon.  If finding your dream home is on your list, contact us today.  It may take a little longer to find, but it’s out there waiting for you!