According to a recent MyReport, remote employment is opening up opportunities in affordable markets. Redfin revealed that the ability to work remotely is encouraging Americans to relocate to more affordable regions. In December of last year, Redfin conducted a study to survey American residents who had moved to a new city or were planning to in the near future. When asked where they were planning to relocate to, roughly 75% of the respondents answered the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, or Boston. In addition, the report stated that for roughly 25% of the U.S. population, the instances of telecommuting increases following the move. A reason for this phenomenon is that the employment market is healthy. The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in decades. Because wages are steady, employers are more flexible and allow more telecommuting opportunities.  

Redfin’s chief economist Daryl Fairweather commented on this trend: “The job market is very tight and employers want to hold on to people, so companies are much more willing now to allow workers to move. He added another reason for employers allowing those who have relocated to work remotely: “Plus, technology has enabled employers to let staff work remotely in a cost-efficient and productive manner.”

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