Due to the lack of inventory over the past 18 – 24 months we are seeing more and more bidding wars.  This is especially true if a home is in good condition and priced right.  It is our responsibility to educate Buyer’s and Seller’s alike so they will be prepared if this should arise.  I ran across this article in The Telegraph that cites this trend in Middle Georgia.  It is happening everywhere, not just Middle Georgia!

Buying or selling a home?  You might want to be prepared for a bidding war


When Brooke Day and her husband began looking for a house to buy in Bibb County, she didn’t realize how competitive and stressful it would be.

She and husband Duane had lived in their house in north Bibb for 11 years.  Now with a 4-year-old they were looking for something larger with a bigger yard and in a good school zone.  Day said they wanted to send their daughter to a public school. They liked the Springdale Elementary School zone where her child could go on to Howard Middle and Howard High schools.

“One of the houses we put an offer in for and didn’t get,” Day said. “The very first day (on the market) we were one of nine families looking at it.  They had multiple offers after that first day.”

Robert Binion, senior vice president for Macon residential with Fickling & Co. real estate firm, was not surprised.   “One thing that we’re seeing that I had not seen since the boom of 2006, we are seeing multiple offers on properties,” he said.

With more buyers competing for homes, it is causing other things to happen.

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Are you ready to start looking for a new home or ready to sell?

There is no way we can promise that any Buyer or Seller will not run into a bidding war.  This situation is actually better for Seller’s in most cases than Buyer’s.  Seller’s are always looking for the biggest return on their investment.  Contact us!  We will run a CMA to determine the value of your home is you are a seller.  Looking to Buy?  Let’s see what is available and try to locate the best home for your money.