The importance of going Green is a debate I have heard by both Buyer’s and Seller’s.  I believe it comes down to personal choice.  Many Seller’s question if the cost justifies the increase in value to their property.  For some Buyer’s energy efficiency holds a lot of weight in their decision to pursue a property.  I saw the below article that actually put statistics to this debate.

Homeowners and Buyers Going Green

Homeowners are going green, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In a recent survey, NAR found that the majority of its members, 71 percent, felt that the promotion of energy efficiency in their listings was either somewhat or very valuable. This means that potential homeowners buy green.  In addition, many may make their purchase decision based on if a home has energy-efficient amenities.

As more buyers look to go green, more homes are moving toward renewable, alternative energy. According to NAR, 80 percent of respondents to their survey stated that they had properties with solar panels in their market. Some respondents, 39 percent, even said that the presence of solar panels could increase the value of a home. Only 11 percent of respondents believed that the presence of solar panels actually decreases the value of homes on the market.

Other energy efficient home ideas, such as wind farms and “tiny homes”, have not quite reached the level solar panels have, however. NAR reports that 61 percent of its survey respondents had no tiny homes in their market, while just 13 percent stated that they had wind farms in their market.

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What is important to you?

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