YOU OWN the market! Inventory is low. So low, in fact, it’s affecting the numbers and skewing them. If you own a home and want to relocate to Georgia or own a Georgia home and just want a change, this is the best reason to list your Georgia home today!

Many people believe that selling their house during “the spring buyer’s market” is the best thing to do. Their reasoning is that there will be more buyers than there are during the winter months and, therefore, their house will sell quicker and for a higher price. Historically, this made sense. However, today’s real estate market is not following the rules of the past.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) measures buyer “foot traffic” each month. It receives data on the number of properties shown to a prospective purchaser by a Realtor® (based on the number of lockboxes used). The data reveals the number of buyers actively looking for a home, not just window shopping on the internet. NAR explains:

“Foot traffic has a strong correlation with future contracts and home sales, so it can be viewed as a peek ahead at sales trends two to three months into the future.”

According to the latest Foot Traffic Report, buyer traffic is greater now than it was during this year’s spring market and there are more buyers out now than at any other time in the last five years (March of 2012).

The chart below shows that buyer activity over the last three months (blue bars) was greater than it was during this past spring market (green bars).

Bottom Line

If you are waiting for spring to list your Georgia home because you think that’s when the buyers will be out in force, perhaps you should reconsider. Buyers are out right now!

Yet one more good reason to list your Georgia home

We have all been reading about the jobs expansions coming to Georgia. This means we are not only having an increase of Buyer’s who already live here, but will have an influx of new residents; one more great reason to list your Georgia home!

If you are a buyer or a seller, contact us today. We can discuss your options and decide on the best solution for you. We love it here, and want to help you find the best housing solution for your needs.