Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many Americans working from home, the real estate market is heating up. According to, there are six ways to upgrade your home in order to sell! The first way is to update your outdoor space. Many studies have shown that since the stay-at-home order, Americans have started to really value having a nice place to sit outside. On the flip side, many of those looking to buy, are looking for homes with a good outdoor space. The report stated that doing a minor landscaping refresh or adding a fire pit can go a long way with potential buyers. Second, is to create a function office/classroom space within your home. Because so many people will be working remotely, buyers are looking for homes that have a space they can work in. The third way to update your home is to add separation of space. Experts say that people are no longer looking for a home with an open floor plan. Buyers are seeking homes that have distinct spaces for family members to work or study.


Next, those trying to sell their homes can add an at home gym. Because so many Americans are not going to the gym due to COVID-19 transmission, people are looking for space in their home to work out. You can carve out a corner where buyers will be able to imagine their future at home workouts. The fifth way to update your home is to give your guest suite a makeover. Guest houses are becoming increasingly popular. By renovating it, it increases the value to your home. Finally, you can spruce up your laundry room. Since the global pandemic, there has been an increased emphasis on cleanliness. Americans are doing laundry more frequently, especially if they are going in public. If you are thinking about selling your home, consider these six ideas to update before you put it on the market!

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