To be honest I never thought about it, at least to the point that Wednesday is the best day to list your home!  I would have said Wednesday or Thursday automatically because of their position to the weekend.  I want your listing to be in the line-up of  homes to be shown over the weekend to as many potential Buyer’s as possible.  I recently ran across an article in The MReport that cited a study of this.

Wednesday Wins To Sell A Home

What is the best day to list a home? It’s Wednesday, according to a Redfin analysis which looked at a sample of 100,000 homes that sold in 2017 to analyze which were the best and worst days to list a home.

The analysis found that homeowners who listed their homes on a Wednesday were more likely to sell them for the most money, while those listed on a Thursday, were most likely to sell their home the fastest. Sunday, got a big thumbs-down from the study as being the worst day to list on the market.

Using Sunday as the baseline, Redfin compared how much better homes did when listed on any other day of the week. The study used criteria such as ZIP code, property type, price range, size, and the dates when they were listed to find comparable homes that listed on a different day of the week.

The analysis found that a typical $500,000 home listed on a Wednesday earned the homeowner $2,650 more in terms of pricing. Thursday, got the top spot for homeowners looking at a quick sale, with the analysis revealing that homes listed on this day were more likely to be sold within 90 to 180 days compared to any other day of the week.

The question is – Which Wednesday the right one for you?

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