Owning your own home is so exciting, and getting handed the keys is one of the best feelings in the world! Since the holidays are upon us, it’s the perfect time to share the excitement and give friends or family who have recently purchased a home some great, useful, house-related gifts. Check out these thoughtful new homeowner gift ideas!



Some practical picks for the kitchen can thrill the new homeowner in your life. Put together a gift basket with a set of kitchen towels, kitchen tools like measuring spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, turners, a whisk, and other handy tools. Throw in a few basic cooking spices from a store like Penzey’s (the Shallot Pepper is AMAZING!), a cook book, and you’ve given them a nice jump on stocking their kitchen.


Gemstone Realty GA: thoughtful new homeowner gift ideasWhat this lacks in glamour is more than made up for in practicality when you give the new homeowner in your life tools to keep their house clean. A cleaning supply caddy stocked with microfiber towels, a duster, Windex,  carpet stain remover, pet odor remover, sponges, and rubber gloves to help them keep their new place clean.


Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Bed, Bath and Beyond are stores where you can’t go wrong with a gift card.



Help them welcome their guests before they’re even in the door with a personalized doormat. There are places all over the internet to find reasonably-priced, customized doormats: from Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon to small makers on sites like Etsy.


Make a gift basket with several gardening necessities – buy a gardening bucket, and fill it with knee pads, a hand trowel, pruners, bulb and seed packets, and a how-to book that includes information on local growing zones and native plants. I received a similar gift when we moved into our first home and we are still using the gardening tools today, years later!


Having a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, a level, and a tape measure on-hand when you need them is invaluable for those new projects. Amazon carries a Stanley Homeowner’s Tool Kit for less than $50.00 that has everything you need and more, in an easily-stored case.


Another great opportunity to support smaller artisans, Etsy boasts a huge variety of small shops for custom labels or stamps – either self-inking or traditional. Many of the online shops offer free shipping. This is a great option for a smaller budget, as there are many choices available for under $30.00.

Thoughtful New Homeowner Gift Ideas: The Splurges

If you’re feeling really generous, these last few gift ideas can really help your new homeowner make their house a home:


We’ve mentioned this before, but the Nest Thermostat is a “smart” thermostat that learns your habits and adjusts the temperature in your home accordingly. This helps save money on heating and cooling. What a lovely gift this would be for someone who is new to home ownership. Read all about Nest products and find out if they’re a good fit, then shop on Georgia’s Power Marketplace. They are offering a rebate and a free Google Mini with the purchase of a Nest.


We have a set of Sonos speakers in our home, and they are great. We’re easily able to move them from inside to outside when the weather cooperates. They are connected to our desktop computer, can be controlled from your smart phone via their app, and the sound is fantastic.

Having a new home is exciting, but can be a little overwhelming. Show them support with these thoughtful new homeowner gift ideas to help them make the most of their new space!


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