According to a recent MReport, many contracts have been signed by customers who viewed a house via video. Redfin reported that one-third of tour requests last week made by Redfin customers  were video-chat tours. This is higher than the 1% during the first week of March. Out of all the offers signed, 12% were signed by customers who had toured the home through video. This is twice as many as the week before. In addition, Redfin reported that it saw a 494% weekly increase in video home tours requests. Video tours were officially put into practice on March 19th. Based on the amount of houses that have been signed since then, it has been deemed successful. 

On March 27th, Redfin announced that the app would be conforming to all stay at home orders. They published an online tracker that will monitor regulation changes. According to Redfin Lead Economist Taylor Marr, “Video-chat tours are not only a great way to minimize contact with others during the current crisis, but also a cost-effective way to see homes across town or in a different city. Homebuyers and sellers are becoming more comfortable with this technology, which may remain a popular way to view homes once the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, especially given many Americans may need to relocate to find work”. 

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