According to a recent MReport, new data reveals that states that have not issued stay-at-home orders are attracting new residents. released a report stating Americans are moving despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The report includes which locations are seeing an increase of people moving into the area. Due to the negative impact the health crisis has had on the economy, it is no surprise many Americans are struggling financially. According to the report, COVID has also caused “a catalyst for moves driven by health or economic realities”. 15% of all moves between January and June this year were directly due to pandemic-related pressures. Additionally, 37% of movers stated they made the move because they could no longer afford to stay living where they were. HireAHelper revealed that cities such as San Francisco and New York have been experiencing an increase in migration (residents moving out of the city). This is noteworthy due to the fact that these cities typically experience the opposite because they are considered “trendy and popular enclaves”. Since the beginning of the pandemic, each of these metros saw 80% more people moving away than relocating to them. 


On the other end of the spectrum, the city that had the largest increase of residents to arrive was Scottsdale, Arizona. It was reported that 68% more people moved to the area versus moved away. The report included numbers broken down by state and the two states with the overall most move-ins were Florida and Nebraska. The report concluded that many people most likely moved to Nebraska due to the fact that it is one of the few states that did not issue a statewide stay-at-home order. Another state that drew Americans in was Idaho, which had 194% more people moving into it versus moving out. A third of those surveyed said they moved to be with loved ones. 24% claimed they moved because they did not feel safe in their previous home. Finally, 23% reported they moved to a destination with fewer COVID cases. 

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