A recent MReport article stated that Gen Z is starting to show up certain regions and sectors of the housing market. While Gen Z is still a small minority, they are slowly catching up to millennials. states that Gen Z’s median purchase price is growing at a faster pace than their slightly older counterparts. People who were born between 1997 and 2012 are a part of Gen Z. They made up 2% of primary home loan originations in December, according to While this is much smaller than millenials claim of the market, Gen Z has already caught up to the Silent Generation in home purchase activity. According to the MReport, Gen Z tends to seek lower-priced homes in the midwest and the south. Five of the top 10 markets with the highest share of Gen Z homebuyers are located in the Midwest, and four are in the South. Toledo, Ohio has the highest amount of Gen Z homebuyers. Other notable cities with a lot of Gen Z buyers are Grand Rapids, Wichita, Virginia Beach, and Winston Salem. 


The article has a few explanations for why Gen Z buyers are prevalent in these regions of the US. One possible explanation is that people in the midwest and the south typically get married at a younger age. In Wichita, the average age to get married is 27 for men and 25 for women. Both averages are lower than the national average. Another contributing factor is the average home price in the midwest and the south is lower than other regions in the US. Gen Z is still young and may struggle affording a home in more expensive regions. According to the MReport, “the median price of a home purchased by a Gen Z buyer in December 2019 was $160,000. This is significantly lower than the median price of a home purchased by a millennial, $256,500”.  Although Gen Z is making progress in the overall housing market, they still have a long way to go to catch up with millennials.

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