Addressing the needs of our Veterans is something that is extremely important.  Not only is it that Veteran who is giving to our country, it is their entire family.  This is something that I feel should never be forgotten.  I ran across an article in The MReport that addressed this and I wanted to share.  It is a subject that I believe we all need to think about more.

Soldiering On:  Addressing the Mortgage Needs of Veterans

Safety. Security. Freedom. These are the principles upon which our nation was founded.  These are the ideals that our armed forces continue to defend to this day.  When our service members come home, are they being guaranteed the same dedication and determination for their successful transitions back into civilian life from those they served to protect? One group of industry leaders has set its sights on delivering this promise to those who promised it all.

The Veterans Financial Services Advisory Council (VFSAC) began with the mission to address the ongoing needs of veterans and their families in search of support related to housing and critical services. With the influence of prominent leaders from the housing, banking, finance, and mortgage-related companies, the VFSAC can provide support for established programs which support the function and stability of military families reacclimating to civilian life.

Ed Delgado, President, and CEO of The Five Star Institute, founded the VFSAC after he had the opportunity to present a mortgage-free home to a military Gold Star family at a home donation event in 2012.

“I met the widow of a fallen serviceman who said she would say my name aloud in her evening prayers for the rest of her life, thanking me for the gift of homeownership,” Delgado said. “I was struck by the stark contrast of her appreciation after suffering the ultimate loss of a loved one in defense of our nation’s freedom, versus the simple act of giving. I’ll never forget that feeling. It inspired me to do more to help military families receive recognition and support through action.

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