It looks like Atlanta is out of the running for the Amazon Headquarters 2.  I don’t know if that is such a bad thing.  Here in the Northeast Georgia area we already have a housing shortage.  We have tons of construction and job growth going on.

Zeroing in on HQ2

Amazon is closing in on its location for the company’s second headquarters. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Amazon has narrowed the race down to three contenders: Arlington, Virginia; New York City, and Dallas. However, The New York Times reports that Dallas has already been cut, leaving the decision split between Arlington and New York.

As in Seattle, home buyers in the chosen city may expect increases in home prices and values.

“All three cities represent larger metro areas with an educated workforce and established technology industry,” said Danielle Hale, Chief Economist, “The opening of HQ2 in any of the top three would complement the existing infrastructure and industry. From the housing perspective, the number of homes on the market is very limited in each area.  Northern Virginia has 11 homes on the market per household, New York  7 and Dallas there are 10.”

The home price escalation may be alleviated if Amazon decides to split HQ2 between two cities.  This would ensure more hires and less impact on rental and home prices.

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