If there is one thing in this world Jerald loves – it’s antiques (well – and his new tractor!). We found a new favorite place to hunt for them called Jarfly Antique Market in Jefferson. This is a not-to-be missed antique store! Now, we’re not sure how we feel about finding some of our treasured childhood toys among the store’s items, because we know what that means, but we loved the experience and found wonderful, unique items around every corner!

Jefferson, Georgia

Located in the county seat of Jackson, Jefferson is about a 30 minute drive north from Athens. Make a day of it! Start your morning off at Bear Creek Reservoir for a picnic and relaxation, then work your way north to Jefferson for some antique shopping and history. If you’ve never checked out the Crawford W. Long Museum, that’s a great side stop. Dr. Long was the first physician to use ether for anesthesia in surgery. The museum is a treat!

Jarfly Antique Market

Gemstone Realty - Jerald Zwak: Jarfly Antique Market

Ready for nostalgia?

Lucky Discovery

We originally went to Jefferson in search of a new area rug for our great room, but the store we tried to go to was closed. Across the street, Jarfly was open. Jarfly isn’t the only antique store in town, but it quickly became our favorite in the entire area. As we sauntered up and down the aisles, we found a display of old toy cars, rocking horses, and other childhood favorites that took us back to the day.

Gemstone Realty - Jerald Zwak: Jarfly Antique Market

Toy cars from back in the day

Gemstone Realty - Jerald Zwak: Jarfly Antique Market

It just keeps on going!


Along with a nostalgic trip down memory lane, we loved the displays of Americana like old Coca-Cola signage, lighting fixtures, furniture, and all kinds of old treasures. We spent more than an hour cruising the aisles and finding all kinds of antiques Jarfly had to offer. It was a lovely surprise discovery and we can’t recommend it enough!