Unless you’ve been living in a cabin without electricity or access to TV or internet, you’ve probably heard about the Big Solar Eclipse coming to view in North America on August 21, 2017. It just so happens that our neighbors to the north, South Carolina, are on the direct path to see totality. Time to get your adventure on for a once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse adventure to South Carolina!

The Direct Path

Since not all of us live in the direct path of totality of the eclipse, we thought we’d give Georgia residents some options for an overnight adventure or weekend away in South Carolina. You must be in the path below to see totality. The Northeast tip of Georgia will get a partial viewing, but for the best experience? Head to South Carolina! The centerline covers a distance of 251.1 miles in South Carolina. This is a great opportunity for an adventure without spending a lot of money. Most state campgrounds are already packed and reserved and those that are walk up only will have a long line – find alternative solutions: schools, churches, race tracks, airports – they may all be offering a goodwill place for visitors to camp out for the night or weekend. Don’t delay – get on this now, and don’t forget to prepare ahead for safety and get your eclipse glasses!

Gemstone Realty, Inc: Total Eclipse Adventure South Carolina

Planning Your Total Eclipse Adventure to South Carolina

Since we don’t have the best view coming across our beautiful state, if we want to participate, we’ll need to drive. And, you’ll need to plan it out. Remember, everyone on the road will be doing the same thing – getting in position to view the total eclipse. It’s a chance to plan an adventure with your community, family. Perhaps you know someone who lives in the path and they wouldn’t mind hosting you for a day or so – even if you are in a tent on their property. Small communities are capitalizing on this event by hosting food carts, opening additional campsites, school fields and more.

I know in some regions, there are limited numbers of roads to get to the smaller communities. Planning ahead and reserving is critical. Check out the smaller places in the list on this page. Or search by city and “eclipse viewing” – they may have pages on their sites, Facebook, etc. Sometimes one place will heavily promote, but by taking one side road to a small town, you may be met with more options, a warmer welcome and better eclipse viewing opportunity.

Tips if you venture with a tent on this outing:

Gemstone Realty, Inc: Total Eclipse Adventure South Carolina - Luggable Loo from Dick's Sporting Goods

  • Bring your own water – the big jugs.
  • Bring disposable paper products, plates, etc. or a mess kit, if you are that type.
  • Bring a propane type of lantern, battery operated twinkle lights if you are staying over night. You will most likely be freestanding.
  • Ah, the bathroom. Try to find a place that has portable toilets, at the least.  If not, there is time to Amazon it, or through Dick’s – a portable solution for overnight. They call it the Luggable Loo. Don’t laugh, it’s super handy in this type of situation. You may want to bring a trash bag to store it when you are done, until you find a dump station!
  • Trash bags to haul your stuff out.
  • Bring easy snacks, fruit and a thermos to refill with your favorite hot beverage. Many of these pop-up camping areas are bringing in coffee and food service.
  • Have cash with you so you don’t have to find an ATM. You want to stay put once you have a spot.
  • Bug spray – it is summer in South Carolina!
  • First aid kit

The rest is typical trip stuff. The viewing, however is not! This is the first solar eclipse on the mainland of the United States since 1979, and the first to sweep across the entire county since 1918! Don’t miss this chance for a total eclipse adventure!