According to a recent MReport, COVID-19 and lifestyle changes are making tiny houses more popular. The article highlights data from a study conducted by Fidelity National Financial Company. Researchers asked 2,000 Americans how likely they would be to live in a tiny home. The study analyzed the regions with optimal tiny-home markets for both homebuyers and investors. The study concluded that since the COVID pandemic, many Americans have put tiny homes on their radar. More than half of respondents answered that affordability was a key factor for why they would consider purchasing a tiny home. The report stated, “65% cited affordability; 57% said “efficiency” would be a motivating factor; 48% said “eco-friendliness” would be a factor; and “living a minimalist lifestyle” rounded out the list of top tiny-house selling points. Also listed: Downsizing (36%), mobility (35%), and privacy (29%). Among the respondents who have never owned a home, 86% said a tiny home could be a contender for their first home purchase”.


When asked if they would prefer a tiny home to be on wheels or stationary, 54% of respondents said they would prefer the more mobile option. Tiny homes are typically around 400 square feet or smaller. They range in price from $30,000 to $60,000. The average price for a typical starter home is $233,400. Roughly 50% of respondents said they would spend less than $40,000 on a tiny home. 79% of those surveyed said they would be able to buy or finance a tiny home rather than a traditional home. Because of their low cost and maintenance, investors have been attracted to the opportunity of purchasing a tiny home. The study found that 72% of respondents would consider buying a tiny home as an investment property. Among them, a majority said they would use the tiny home as a long-term rental property. 37% responded that they would see it as a short-term rental. On average, respondents said their ideal monthly rent would be $900 per month or $145 per night.

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