MReport released highlights from a report with the top ten American suburbs with rising home prices. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged more and more Americans to migrate to less urban areas. Compared to big cities, suburbs offer lower priced homes and more space. Because so many people have switched to remote work, a larger home with space for a home office has become very attractive to Americans. These factors have caused a huge increase in the demand for suburban homes. Additionally, housing inventory is extremely low. The high demand and low supply has caused the suburban homes prices to shoot up. Experts at revealed the top 10 suburbs with the greatest increase in home prices.


Despite what many urbanites believe, not all suburbs are the same. set out to find which suburbs had the fastest substantial increase in home prices. The number one suburb was Lakewood, NJ. The median home price has increased by nearly 48% to roughly $309,000. The second on the list is Lake Arrowhead, CA. The median home price has increased 45% to $499,000. Grosse Pointe, MI came in third place. Their median home prices increased by about 35%. Fourth on the list was Beacon, NY. Beacon had a 33% increase to a $440,000 median home price. The fifth suburb on the list was Delray Beach, FL. They saw a 32% increase to a $270,000 median home price. The final five suburbs on the list are Jasper, Paradise Valley, Brandon, Roanoke, and Wayzata. All five saw an increase of 25% or more. A sales associate with Diane Turton Realtors, Susan Miller, commented “Boomers are moving. It’s a seller’s market right now, so you see people wanting to take advantage of that”.

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