1. We will provide wiring instructions to you directly, if we are going that route for funding.The first thing we tell our clients is that you never accept wiring instructions if they come through an unsecured site and just in an email. All the closing attorneys we use will send through a secured site that will require the clients log in to obtain the instructions.

    Second, always call the law firm directly and confirm the information on the wiring instructions.

  2. ALWAYS forward to us any email you receive regarding the wiring or transfer of funds. We will verify the validity.
  3. NEVER send Social Security, bank account or credit card numbers via email. We will provide a SECURE, ENCRYPTED portal for you if we are doing portions or the entire transaction online.
  4. NEVER, EVER click on links or attachments in unverified email.
  5. Lock down your bank accounts to use two-step authentication – where it will send you a TEXT MESSAGE to your phone with a code. Do not set this up from a prompt in an email. Go directly to the website for your bank to set it up.
  6. Be wary of phone calls. They may know the name of your bank and in the excitement and list of tasks for your home purchase or sale, may get you to divulge compromising information about your account and finances. Tell them you’ll call the person you usually deal with at your branch. Or call your agent to verify.
  7. Do not wire money to cover upfront fees for a loan.
  8. If you suspect fraud, IMMEDIATELY contact your bank, escrow and real estate agents. File a complaint with the FBI at as well as local police. Keep ALL related emails, voicemails and texts related to this incident.