I ran across this article on Tips for winterizing your home.  Most of us have heard many of these and forgotten them over time.  It’s the old learning what you know plan mixed in with some new ideas.  Inman News put this out and thought it would be helpful.  In Georgia we don’t suffer the winter’s that are as severe as Minneapolis the principals are the same.

Quick and easy ways to winterize homes before they hit the market

Between holiday entertaining and plunging temperatures, energy bills inevitably go up in the winter. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the homebuying public is looking for energy efficiency. A few simple steps can help tighten up a home and showcase its best energy saving features.

Samantha Strong, Broker/Owner of Metamorphosis in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is especially well-situated to assess energy efficiency in a home during the holiday season.

“Here in Minnesota, it’s pretty obvious when a house is more energy efficient or ‘tight,’” Strong told Inman. “A buyer just needs to be observant, and it’s our job to help them know what to look for.”

Strong, who participates in NAR’s Green Designation program, looks for telltale signs of inefficiency that pop out in winter. That includes snow melting on all sides of a roof instead of just the south side, ice forming on the roof or gutters, “extreme” icicles, frost inside of windows, and blinds or curtains that rustle even when windows are closed.

Fixing these problems is not rocket science, though it may require an investing in a new furnace and new windows, or at least new caulking.

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Thinking it’s time to buy or sell?

Contact us and let’s get started on the journey!  We hope these tips on winterization help.  It doesn’t matter if your buying, selling or just trying to improve your energy efficiency.  I doesn’t matter what climate your are in – Remembering what you know and a few new ideas always helps!