Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Crazy, right? Summer flew by and we’re already for fall. If you’re like us, one of our favorite things to do for the holidays is host our friends and family at our home for food, fun and camaraderie. Our secret to being ready for holiday guests? We prepare our home now. Preparing for holiday guests starts long before your first visitor arrives.

Make Your Lists

That’s right – lists, as in, more than one. Go room by room and take a look at what’s accumulated over the last year, what may need replacing or repairing, and write it all down. You can prioritize which rooms need the most attention, and tackle them one by one. In our case, we start with the guest room. You may be planning on overnight guests, or they may be a last-minute addition, so getting this room spruced up and ready is usually the first place we tackle. Then, we move outward from there.

preparing for holiday guests

Guest Room

The things we tackle in the guest room include dusting, vacuuming, checking the heating vents in the room, cleaning the windows, checking the lighting and assessing the bedding – does anything need to be dry cleaned? Washed? It’s nice to make space for your guests personal items by clearing out some drawers and making some space in the closet. Have extra bedding on hand in case your guest gets cold. Another item to have on hand? A small wastebasket. If you don’t spend much time in your guest room you may not have one.

Guest Bathroom

Areas to focus on in the bathroom include the usual suspects (toilet, shower, sink) but also your cabinet, supplies, and lighting. Before your guests arrive it’s a nice gesture to provide them with their own set of toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and towels.


You guest room has a tendency to become The Room Where You Put Things. Now’s a great time to sort through and donate what you aren’t using anymore to create a clutter-free space for your guests. Don’t just stop there! Pick a room each day and spend ten minutes sorting your stuff. Get those tax deductions in before the end of year!


If this is something you own, get it out and take a look at it. Wash, clean and/or dust, polish, etc. A nicely set table is inviting, and having company is a perfect opportunity to use it.

Your Car

If you drive your guests around town, take a look at your car. Break out the ShopVac, clean up the inside of the car, have it serviced, and give it a good wash. Consider creating a playlist for those trips to and from your destinations, as well.

Make Your Plans

So, what are you going to DO once your guests arrive? Here are some things to consider:

  • Check with your guests if they have any special dietary requirements. Consider prepping some items ahead of time and freezing to give you more time to visit. Using the grill? Do you have enough propane?
  • If they are using your home as “base camp” – have easy basics handy: coffee, tea, breakfast items and other beverages. Having a few water bottles ready for them in the guest room is a nice gesture as well.
  • Remind your guests to pack for the weather and activity. We are fortunate in Georgia to have milder winters and plenty of easy places to walk around and explore. Going hiking? They’ll want comfortable shoes for the long haul and perhaps you can lend them a day pack. Something more formal? Let them know so they can pack accordingly.
  • For downtime, have a selection of books and magazines, as well as a deck of cards and board games on hand.

Make Preparing for Holiday Guests Easy!

With a little planning and prep, you can truly enjoy your guests and the time you spend with them. Looking for things to do around the region? The Explore Georgia website has information on where and what to do locally. We’ve enjoyed antiquing, fishing, and wine tasting ourselves. Have fun!


It’s a wonderful place to visit, but an even better place to live. Get to know Northeast Georgia. We consider ourselves local experts, and we’ll find you exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today!